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Done For You Sales Funnels

Creating a sales funnel that actually filters leads & customers properly can take a lot of time and testing. We have worked on funnels for every occasion; webinars, product launches, ecommerce, post sale follow up, lead generation & more. We us a method called attract, sell, wow.

Lead Magnets

This is something that so many people have difficulty with. A lead magnet could be an ebook, free report, video series or anything you can think of that provides value for free. You typically give this away for a name & email so you can put them in your sales funnel.

The Follow Up

How you follow up with these leads is crucial. We typically give them a day or so to get value out of the lead magnet & then follow up with do you need help or join this webinar type of email. Whatever the purpose of the funnel is the key here is to build that relationship and trust.

Close The Deal

Once you build that trust and authority with the lead it’s time to turn them into a customer. This could be through an evergreen webinar system, email getting them to a sales page, discount to your store & more. The key here is to give them an offer they can’t refuse. We always suggest throwing in bonuses to increase the conversion but anything works here.

Once you close the deal the next objective is to get reviews and testimonials so you can continue to grow! Doing this stuff yourself could take months, most of the time people just give up on it and don’t move anywhere. That’s what Elite Phoenix SEO is here for. We have a system in place for putting these together so you can continue to focus on your business. If you are interested in getting your funnel built please give us a call at 1-800-920-4148.

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