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Phoenix Search Engine Optimization Services

While Elite Phoenix SEO is an Online Marketing Company based in Phoenix Arizona, we proudly serve clients World Wide!

If you are on our website reading this then chances are you understand how important ranking on the first page of Google is for your business. You may have had rankings before and lost them from the Google updates over the last couple years or you may have never got around to getting your website ranked. Either way we are here to help you.

Past Penalties & Over Optimization

Many clients come to us because they either did SEO themselves or had a past Search Engine Agency use spammy tactics causing your website to lose it’s rankings. The latest updates that Google has released over the last couple years are called the Panda & Penguin updates. These updates targeted over optimized anchor text & bad “on-page” seo practices. If you know your site fits into this category all hope is not lost. We have experience in disavowing all the bad links built to your site, then build our good backlinks in their place. It could take a little longer but doing this will allow us to get your website back onto page one. If you never had past SEO done then you don’t have to worry about overcoming past penalties.

Proper Keyword Analysis

It’s important that proper research is done before you just blindly try to rank keywords in your market. We not only make sure the keywords we target are getting searches, we make sure they are “credit card keywords”. What we mean by that is when someone finds you on Google they are looking to buy. If we ranked this site for a keyword like “Internet” that would be pretty useless to us and the searcher. You are reading this content by design, that’s exactly how we would set your website up.

Responsive Design

While this section focuses on the SEO aspect of your business, Google released an update a couple months ago punishing websites that are not mobile friendly. During our analysis we will run the Google test to make sure everything is good here. If not it’s no big deal we can take care of it for you.

Future Proof SEO Techniques

To be in this industry you have to be passionate about it & study everyday. The old way of just using spammy software or outsourcing these services overseas is over. That is if you want to actually dominate the search engines. We have proven methods that won’t only get your website ranked, but other properties such as your Facebook, Youtube & other social properties ranked as well. Our goal is to rock your world by over delivering so that you either continue doing business with us or send referrals our way. If you are interested in working with us please give us a call at 800-920-4148 or fill out the Discovery Form.

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