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Phoenix Search Engine Marketing

SEM also known as Search Engine Marketing is the process of increasing website traffic from both paid and organic ranking efforts. Ranking in the search engines organically is just called SEO, and SEM is the process of paying for your traffic through the search engine you are working with. That may seem confusing but that’s what we are here for!

Paid Advertising (SEM)

is a great way to test your offer to see if it converts. This type of advertising has it’s positives and negatives though. The positive is that you can generate targeted traffic right away. if you know you have an offer that converts well then paid advertising is a great way to continue building your list if you don’t have organic rankings. The negative to this is that each click costs you money. Every market is different, but you are probably looking at $3 per click on the low end in today’s low competition markets. If your offer doesn’t convert you could run out of your marketing budget real fast. If this happens most people just give up and don’t continue to feel that passion for growing their business. While we like paid advertising some markets it’s just better to rank organically.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Takes more time to see results but the ROI can be huge! Back 5 years ago it was really easy to rank in Google. All you had to do was use software and spam your sites with anchor text that you wanted to rank for. Today that’s not the case, which is why SEO pros are in such high demand. Google changes their ranking factors every month. Some changes are small, others are huge! If you hire someone over seas or a person who does this part time you are just delaying your success and could damage your website’s ability to rank in the future. We live and breathe this industry and spend 12 plus hours in it a day! Ranking has become a science and we have the formula perfected to rank in your market.

Another positive of ranking organically is that you could be ranked #1 and not pay a dime for your clicks! We are in markets where we are in the top 3 positions and our competitors who aren’t ranking are paying $50 plus a click! Not only does ranking in the top of Google increase the value of your website (Investors pay a lot for ranked domains) but it’ll increase your customer base at the same time. This is why we love mastering this type of marketing so much.

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